iPod Touch wallpapers that don’t suck

Pretty soon after getting my shiny new iPod Touch I started looking about for some wallpapers that were a little bit more interesting than the ones that came bundled. After wading through a few hundred pages of awful generic crap I managed to filter out some pretty cool stuff. In the interest of saving others from the pain I went through, I’ve listed some of the more interesting options below:


iPhone/iPod wallpapers created by a variety of artists and designers selected on an invite only basis. They’re pretty varied in theme and new images are added every couple of days.


An international online community of artists to exhibit and discuss their works. There’s not really a lot of iPod specific stuff here, but there is some really interesting stuff that you use a a basis to make your own.

Pixelgirl Presents

Iconsets, iPhone wallpapers and desktop images.


Offers some wallpapers for download that go with their  beautiful artist designed removable device covers.


A design site with new desktops and device wallpapers every month (Requires free registration to download wallpapers and they are branded with the Veer logo but maybe worth a look).



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