LOLsecurity – I can haz less freedumz?

From today’s Age, more expensive, privacy invading security theatre:

THE British Government is considering a £12 billion ($A27.5 billion) plan to monitor the email, telephone and internet browsing records of every person in the country.

The huge eavesdropping program would involve the creation of a mammoth central computer database to store hundreds of billions of individual pieces of communications.

Supporters say it would become one of the security services’ most comprehensive tools in the fight against terrorism, but critics described the proposal as “sinister”.

I’ll say.

Ignoring for a moment the logistics of collecting, storing, securing and effectively processing such gargantuan quantities of data, the implications of this kind of Total Information Awareness style program are terrifying. I’m all for fighting terrorism (whatever that means), but somehow spending billions to invade the privacy of an entire country for an unquantifiable and unproven benefit just doesn’t seem like the right way to go about it.


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