Interweb smackdown: ISP filtering so bad it has its own theme music


From the Age, and article reporting on backlash against the Governments proposed ISP level internet filtering.

Apparently the Government has called for expressions of interest for live trials of the proposed internet filtering system, due to start on Christmas eve this year. Michael Malone, the managing director of iiNet is signing up for the trials with bells on.  But in a good way:

But Malone’s main purpose was to provide the Government with “hard numbers” demonstrating “how stupid it is” – specifically that the filtering system would not work, would be patently simple to bypass, would not filter peer-to-peer traffic and would significantly degrade network speeds.

“They’re not listening to the experts, they’re not listening to the industry, they’re not listening to consumers, so perhaps some hard numbers will actually help,” he said.

“Every time a kid manages to get through this filter, we’ll be publicising it and every time it blocks legitimate content, we’ll be publicising it.”

Thank goodness someone is actually planning to measure if the stupid thing is even capable of performing as advertised – especially considering the evidence:

Internet providers and the Government’s own lab tests have found that presently available filters are not capable of adequately distinguishing between legal and illegal content and can degrade internet speeds by up to 86 per cent.

But why let reality get in the way of a good plan? It never stopped the A-Team.

Malone concluded: “This is the worst Communications Minister we’ve had in the 15 years since the [internet] industry has existed.”

Ouch. A work friend also pointed out this very funny rant on the subject by Mark Newton, who is also quite scathing of the plan and the Minister:

It’s perhaps not surprising that a family expert who misunderstands technology could get something this basic wrong, because the Minister in charge has blazed a trail of such colossal blinding wrongness that it’s probably difficult for listeners to distinguish truth from fiction.

I’m not talking about normal, everyday wrongness. I’m talking about the kind of wrongness that comes with its own theme music and marching band.

Well, it doesn’t get much wronger than that.


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