New adventures in iTunes (or Fixing error code -39 for fun and profit)

Three can be a dangerous number – especially if one of the three is a pathologically deranged operating system.

Me: I think I’ll download some podcasts.

iTunes: Cool, I’m just starting now.

Windows: This is boring. Here, have a Blue Screen of Death.

Me: Yah! iTunes! Speak to me!

iTunes: …

Me: Dammit! You won’t beat me that easily Windows! Eat restart!

Windows: Yawn! Good morning. I didn’t shut down properly – it’s probably a driver or something. Whatever.

Me: iTunes! Are you alright?

iTunes: Ow… my head is killing me.

Me: Do you think you can finish that download?

iTunes: I’ll try. Ow! Error code -39!

Me: What’s wrong?

iTunes: Error code -39!

Me: Can you be more specific?

iTunes: Error code -39! Error code -39!

Me: Apparently not. Try unsubscribing the podcast, deleting the file and resubscribing.

iTunes: Ok. Ow! Error -39! Error -39!

Me: Good grief.

Google: Dude! iTunes downloads can get corrupted, preventing download completion.

Me: Where’s the corrupted file?

Google: In the iTunes/iTunesMusic/downloads directory. iTunes only copies to the proper location on successful completion.

Me: Aha! Windows! Deleted the partially downloaded file! iTunes – refresh my podcasts and try again!

iTunes: Oooh – that feels better. Downloading now.

Me: Yay! I win!

Windows: That’s what you think – I’ve just changed your screen saver to rotate through a collection of clown porn when your wife uses it next. Mwahahaha!


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