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ipod-errorWell, looks like I’m having more apple-tastic fun, this time with the App store.

I had noticed that there were 3 updates available for apps I had installed on my iPod touch, so I went into the App store on the iPod and selected the update all option.  As I was already lurking around the store, I found another app I wanted to try out and added it to the download queue.

I’m not sure what happened next, but I was suddenly hit by a cluster of error messages notifying me that the downloads had failed. I wasn’t too worried, I just went back into the App store and tried again, only to be greeted with the somewhat unhelpful:

“You’ve already purchased this item but it hasn’t been downloaded. If you’re having trouble downloading it, open iTunes on your computer, select Check for Available Downloads (or Check for Purchases in iTunes 7), then sync your device to your computer”.

Uh-oh. After my last round of issues with the iPod and iTunes purchases I was starting to get a sinking feeling in my stomach. I tried re-downloading all of the apps that were downloading at the time and got the same response. I then tried downloading a randomly selected app and that succeeded with no problems.

My spidey sense started tingling. Well, not so much tingling as slapping me about the ears and suggesting that this smelled a lot like a store side issue.

Drawing on my awesome power of denial (and my ability to follow simple instructions)  I went to iTunes and tried the  “Check for Available Downloads” option. I wasn’t confident that it would work, and my pessimism was rewarded by a cheerful message informing me that everything I had purchased was already downloaded. I even tried deleting one of the apps on both the iPod and iTunes and re downloading it. No luck.

Everything started to blur around me and when I came to, I found myself  at the command prompt throwing this kind of nonsense around:

 find \ -name "*" | xargs grep appname

It was at this point that I called shenanigans and raised a ticket with apple support. Guess we’ll just have to see how it goes.


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