Yaaar! The Pirate Google Bay

It fairly apparent to technology pundits that the Swedish court’s decision against the founders of the Pirate Bay has many implications beyond the obvious  – one of the more concerning of which is that the reasoning that found them guilty of copyright infringement for indexing and referencing copyrighted material could logically be applied to google as well.

Someone who appreciates this irony has decided to demonstrate this by putting together a custom google search dedicated to torrent files.

Please Note: This site is not affiliated with Google, it simply makes use of Google Custom Search to restrict your searches to Torrent files. You can do this with any regular Google search by appending your query with filetype:torrent. This technique can be used for any type of file supported by Google.

The intention of this site is to demonstrate the double standard that was exemplified in the recent Pirate Bay Trial. Sites such as Google offer much the same functionality as The Pirate Bay and other Bit Torrent sites but are not targeted by media conglomerates such as the IFPI as they have the political and legal clout to defend themselves unlike these small independent sites.

This site is created in support of an open, neutral internet accessible and equitable to all regardless of political or financial standing.


Via Gizmodo

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