Lesser of two or three(ish) evils

So there is news this week about Microsoft’s final bid to launch a “Google killer” (whatever that is supposed to be) in light of Yahoo!7 framing Google’s market dominance as a dangerous monopoly:

“Google has locked up distribution through every device and it looks like the Government wants to give them a helping hand by making sure every school kid in Australia is locked into Google,” the Yahoo!7 chief executive, Rohan Lund, said. “I applaud any initiative that seeks to take the fight to Google. We need competition in this market, especially in advertising. It’s good for all of us.”

I’m certainly not saying that Google’s dominance is all fluffy kittens and rainbows,  and competition is always good for the consumer, but taking the moral high ground is a bit rich considering that they want to overthrow Google to take their place. Or maybe they’re just planning to share like good little girls and boys?

Google might be the Dark Lord of Search, but Microsoft and Yahoo sure aren’t Luke Skywalker.


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