Top-secret Obama safehouse leaked on LimeWire

Details of a Secret Service safe house location for President Barack Obama and his family were “found being traded on LimeWire”. Not entirely surprising in of itself, but perhaps more interesting is the response:

A senior U.S. lawmaker has said that it may be time for the government to regulate companies that provide online file-sharing services after a number of people managed to access FBI files, medical records and Social Security numbers

Really? So some halfwit who has access to confidential information accidentally shares it on LimeWire and it’s the service’s fault? This is a lot like fighting terrorism by banning liquids on planes – it ignores the actual issue, and rather focuses on just one of a potentially infinite number possible attack vectors. It is reactive, raises all kinds of civil liberty issues and it ultimately fails completely because the idiot who installed LimeWire on a computer with classified information is still out there, probably finding all sorts of  new ways to compromise data security through their ignorance.

I’m not sure which is more frightening – that some one with that kind of clearance was that stupid, or that the US Government seems to think that regulating LimeWire will magically fix the problem.


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