Artists speak out over disconnection plan for pirates

Interesting article from the Age about a statement made by a group of content producers against plans by the British Government to give a telecoms regulator the power to force ISPs to disconnect file sharers.  In an interesting twist on what you’d expect, they’re against it:

“We vehemently oppose the proposals being made and suggest that the stick is now in danger of being way out of proportion to the carrot,” the statement, quoted by The Guardian, read.

They go on to encourage the music industry to look at alternative ways of generating revenue from content.

I think that it’s very exciting that the content producers (and not just the young ones) are showing  interest in exploring new revenue models. I suspect that in the long run, the only losers will be the industries that won’t change and adapt along with the market.  When you think about it, it’s quite ironic – the music industry itself exists in it’s current form because they took advantage of changes in media technologies and culture where their predecessors could (or would) not – and yet now they are clutching their old business models in the same futile death grip as the  the dinosaurs they superseded.

For an interesting perspective from a content producer, have a listen to Stephen Fry’s  talk on copyright and file sharing at the iTunes live festival.


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