Obama School Speech

This morning I came across the text of a speech that President Obama made  addressing school children on the first day back  to school.  There is  apparently some uproar amongst conservatives on the basis that…well, actually I’m not sure why. At it’s worst you could probably read it as a bit of an innocuous motivational piece, and despite the obligatory nationalistic god bless stuff at the end, it actually has a  pretty wonderful message  –  learning from mistakes,  asking for help as a sign of strength and taking personal responsibility.

Sometimes I wish we had politicians here in Australia that talked like this. I wouldn’t necessarily believe it, but positive cogent language would certainly go a long way in  making elections feel a little less like a minimax exercise in picking the least worst option. Or to put it another way, if you’re going to scam me, at least care enough to try and make me think you aren’t.

(Thanks to Bad Astronomy for the story)

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